Dec 18, 2016  

Yu Kitazume

Webエンジニア。Ruby, Javascript, インフラ。 Yahoo! Japan / Pankaku / Engine Yard / sitateru

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Software and Support Engineer in Japan. I can develop software with client-side JavaScript, Ruby, PHP. Also handle infrastructure by code on Cloud. I have the experience to work for an international company as a pre-sales engineer and a support engineer.


Languages and Frameworks: Ruby, PHP, Javascript, ShellScript, Golang, HTML, CSS, Rails, and Angularjs

Middleware: MySQL, Redis, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, ElasticSearch, Nginx, Haproxy, Unicorn, PHP-FPM, Chef, Ansible, Terraform, Linux and Docker

Others: Pre Sales, Technical Support

Professional Experience

Support Engineer and Pre-Sales Manager, Engine Yard, Dec 2013 - Jun 2016

I joined Engine Yard as a pre-sales engineer for landing and expanding Japan market. Since 2014, I joined the APAC team as a support engineer. I helped the customer success to make their infrastructure scalable and reliable.

  • Responsible for marketing and sales in Japan, supporting customers
  • Gentoo Linux, monit, Chef, Redis, Unicorn, Passenger, Resque, Sidekiq, PostgreSQL, MySQL, PHP-FPM, Docker, AWS and Technical Documentation.

Web Engineer and DevOps Engineer, Pankaku, Jun 2011- Mac 2013

I developed several Web APIs, and tools for mobile games. I provisioned and operated high-throughput infrastructure.

  • Responsible for creating games and tools for client
  • AWS, Ruby on Rails, MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, Nginx, Haproxy, Javascript, HTML, and CSS

Web Engineer, Yahoo! Japan, Apr 2008 - Jun 2011

I developed Web frontend, APIs, and an iPhone application named Poffee.

  • Responsible for developments of Yahoo!Japan services
  • FreeBSD, PHP, Javascript, Objective-C, HTML, and CSS


Master of Science, 2008

2006 - 2008 / Graduate school of science and technology, Department of Textile system and Technology, Shinshu University, Nagano, Japan

Bachelor of Science, 2006

2002 - 2006 / Department of textile system Technology, Shinshu University, Nagano, Japan

Side Projects

Engineer, Zekkei-Project, 2016

I created the web service with AngularJS and Ruby on Rails on AWS.


  • Responsible for developing the backend and frontend
  • Use: Angularjs, Redis, PostgreSQL, Rails, Gulp, PhantomJS, ElasticSearch

バナナ商店 webpage

It’s a small daily goods shop in Ibaraki City, Osaka. I created the design and web site for this shop.


EY Berk

It’s a tool to manage Chef recipes of Engine Yard like Berfshef. It handles the Chef recipes. I created it by Golang.


  • Golang, Chef